You may encounter this problem when installing TIBCO products on Solaris x86. In my case it was Runtime Agent 5.6.0 installation.

./TRA.5.6.0-suite_sol10_x86.bin -console

Then installation fails and the error message looks like this:

Unrecognized option: -cp:TRA.5.6.0-suite_sol10_x86.jar:TRA.5.6.0-simple_sol10_x86.jar:tibrv.8.1.1-simple_sol10_x86.jar:jre.1.5.0-simple_sol10_x86_64.jar:Designer.5.6.0-simple_sol10_x86_64.jar:tpcl.5.6.0-simple_sol10_x86.jar:hawk.4.8.1-simple_sol10_x86_64.jar:/var/tmp/isjCAAWCa4en/TRA.5.6.0-suite_sol10_x86.jar:
Could not create the Java virtual machine.

There is a bug in the installer, as a workaround you can force the installer to use Java in the system. Just specify -is:javahome option like in my example:

./TRA.5.6.0-suite_sol10_x86.bin -console -is:javahome /usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0_24/

Should work now.