When you choose a name for TIBCO domain or BusinessWorks application, please keep in mind that long names could become a big issue. In the future, you may encounter such a problem like this (it was on Windows 2003 NTFS disk):

Can not create/access pager directory [d:\tibco\tra\domain\tibcolb-inttra-com\application\TRCAdapter\working\tibcolb-inttra-com.tibcolb-inttra-com-TRCAdapter.TRC Adapter Processes2Epar\pager.TRCAdapter-TRC_Adapter_Processes-1\TRCAdapter\CoreObjects\SecuritiesTrade\Resubmit SecuritiesTrade.process]

As you can see, domain name and application name are repeated several times in the working folder path and definitely affect the length, which can exceed the file system limit. So, choose the names in TIBCO as short as possible.