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Presentations from TUCON 2011 are now available on TIBCOmmunity

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On the link below you can view keynotes and download presentations from TIBCO User Conference TUCON 2011:

This link to TIBCOmmunity site, where a lot of useful information and discussions. But unfortunately access isn’t open publicly and registration is required.

TUCON 2010 Vivek Ranadivé’s Keynote Speech

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TIBCO Product Stack and New Releases

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I decided to repost here full list from this article. Sandy, thank you!

  • Spotfire 3.1
  • BusinessEvents 4.0, with an improved Eclipse-based development environment including a rule debugger, and a multi-threaded engine
  • BEViews (BusinessEvents Views) for creating real-time customizable dashboards for monitoring the high-speed events (as opposed to Spotfire, which can include data from a much broader context)
  • ActiveSpaces Suite for in-memory processing, grid computing and events, with the new AS Transactions and AS Patterns components
  • Silver Suite for cloud deployment, including Fabric, Grid and CAP (Composite Application Platform)
  • PeopleForms, which I saw a brief view of yesterday: a lightweight, forms-based application development environment
  • tibbr, their social microblogging platform; I think that they’re pushing too much of the social aspect here, when I think that their sweet spot is in being able to “follow” and receive messages/events from devices rather than people
  • Silver Analytics
  • ActiveMatrix 3.0, which is an expansion of the lightweight application development platform to make this more of an enterprise-ready
  • ActiveMatrix BPM, which he called “the next generation of BPM within TIBCO” – I’ll have more on this after an in-depth briefing
  • Silver BPM, the cloud-deployable version of BPM
  • Design Collaborator, which is a web-based design discovery tool that will be available in 2011: this appears to be their version of an online process discovery tool, although with more of a services focus than just processes; seems late to be introducing this functionality to the market

TUCON 2010

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Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to visit TUCON this year. Thanks to the Internet, which allows me to monitor events in real time, although this is difficult because of the time difference between Moscow and Las Vegas.

Here the list of my info sources for this great event:

There was a hope to try tibbr, but this thing for TUCON attendees only :(