AppManage utility can be used to create a BusinessWorks application using EAR file, export and import deployment configuration, deploy, undeploy, start, stop, delete an application. It can operate in batch mode. You can run AppManage utility on any machine in the TIBCO Domain. It is placed in /<tibco_home>/tra/<version>/bin/ folder. Log file will be in the domain log folder. I will show the most simple use of AppManage utility for stop and start one BW application. This can be used for scheduled restart, for example.

  • Prepare credentials file using obfuscate utility:
    > vi cred.txt

    > ./obfuscate cred.txt

    > cat cred.txt

  • Use AppManage to stop a deployed application:
    > ./AppManage -stop -app <application> -domain <domain> -cred cred.txt
  • Use AppManage to start a deployed application:
    > ./AppManage -start -app <application> -domain <domain> -cred cred.txt

<application> is “Application” in TIBCO Administrator, not “Service Instance”

The user, defined in the cred.txt file, mush have appropriate rights to start and stop an application. You can operate as “admin”, or better to define new user in TIBCO Administrator with write access rights.